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Our People

Skill and Dedication to customer service.

Alex - Fearless Leader

Former narrow-tire-high-pressure user.

Why he puts up with the likes of us, we'll never know.

Merrill - Recovering Lawyer

Founder of Oregon's Best Bike Shop.*
(*statement not legally binding)

Scott - Yes, He Skis

A mystery wrapped in an enigma fried in confounding sauce.

Was in Italy that one time.

Jake - A Highly Decorated Manager

A one-man bike school, wheels are his first language, and often the primary suspect...
...hey mel, schlangus.

Jeff - Jazz Afficianado

Leads a MicroSpline Conversion Survivor support group every 5th Sunday in April.

Weston - Selfie Expert

Can honestly answer "yes" if someone asks him "do you know how to fly this thing?!" during a zombie chase scene.

Lara - Photographer, Social Media Guru

*Attenborough Voice*
...and here we see the elusive female mechanic...

Sparky - Frankenbiker

Responsible for website content.

Also, a charming combination of incredibly humble and dashingly good-looking.

Still working through his eBike problem.

Tink - Cats, Bikes, Rage

Ask us about our wookie noises.